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Welcome!  Here are comments and photos as the urge arises.  Everything is backwards; the latest posting is at the top.

2019 june 27 - Went to York Soaring to hang out and take photos when, out of the blue, Roland Liebregts kindly offered to take me up for a ride. It was wonderful!!! See the results in the Aircraft page under 2019 june 27 V01 and V02 york soaring. A huge thanks to you, Roland. It was a marvelous ride.

2018 september 20 - Showed up at the Museum for the Monthly to find that there weren't enough folks there to have one. Shot a few pics, enjoyed some pie brought by Tom and repaired to Mike Smith's hanger to shoot the breeze.

2018 september 19 - more pics at York Soaring. The day was sunny and the wind was variable in speed and direction. Boy, was it nice! As always, learned lots.

2018 september 13 - Went up in glider with Garfield Ingram at York Soaring. it was the first time I brought the camera. See the results on the aircraft page

2018 september 12 - Doc and Emilia came to visit and go for a walk with Sandy and Shelly. I took pictures and quickly learned how little I know about shooting dogs at play. So, there's lots of fuzziness but it was fun to watch those two run around and play seemingly forever. They had not a care in the world. See the shots on the family page.

2018 september 10 - uploaded photos of the Great War Flying Museum's annual Open House september 9th. See the shots on the aircraft page.



2012 march - announcing the 57 Chevy Club!!!

cathy 57 chevyOn this jump Cathy had a brain-cramp.  Notice: back straight, ass glued to the saddle, legs out. Poor horse! 

It was as if she was in a 57 Chevy, with its seats like a livingroom sofa, just cruise 'n down the highway without a care in the world.  

Well, today (march 21) she and I decided to launch the 57 Chevy Club to give some exposure to those of you Bums who get brain cramps at the wrong times.

 Membership is free but it has to be earned!! 

I'll single out the suggestive pics and post them on the blog and you can vote on whether or not the Bum in the pic deserves a membership. 

Cathy, the inaugural member, will be the final arbiter, of course.  So,  Bums, you're on Notice!



2012 march - the education of a horse

The vast majority of the pictures I take are of horses who know how to jump with riders who don't so it's exciting for me to see the opposite. 

As many of you know, Tim has a new horse - Viggo - who's a giant (18.3 hands??).  He's young and green.  Very green. 

"Uh Tim? Think I'll do this one leg at a time." 

viggo to the jumpviggo at the jump



2012 january - A rider who shall go nameless (horse named Jinx, lives in Courtice)

Ok riders, listen up.  I want you to put your finger in your ear.  That's so what I'm going to tell you doesn't go in one ear and out the other.  Hahahaha! 

Ready?  Right, finger in the ear. 

See the picture on the left?  Do not do this.  It makes the Coach laugh so hard it hurts his stomach. 

Ok, you can take your finger out of your ear now.

I must say, it brings new meaning to the phrase 'Get out of your tack!'






2012 january - Winnie

Winnie left us on Thursday, January 19th. 

He just turned 40 and had been with Sandy for 28 years. 

Rest in Peace Big Guy.  You were a gentle soul and a wonderful companion.









2011 september - Which one is not like the others?

Yep, the one without the tail.  It's Sandy. 

Not sure if she's admiring her boots or looking for Magic Mushrooms but there she is, bum up, like a mare in heat. 

Gotta talk to that girl. 









2011 september - Caught in the Act

Ok, so this is the classic case of 'leaving too early'. 

Note how Ringo hasn't even begun to raise his front feet for the 6-inch crossrail?  Note, too, how Stefi is all set, weight forward, in the perfect position for when Ringo is in the air?  Too bad that she's about a fraction of a second early. 

Poor pony!

It's a tribute to Ringo that he finished the jump.   His rider deserved to get tossed on this one.

Hope he got an extra apple for his efforts...






2011 - august - cemetery at Niagara on the Lake

Here it is, the ultimate in serenity, a graveyard.  Peaceful, eh? 

Ok, two questions.  First, rollover the image with your mouse.  See the sign?  Who learned to spell "Welcome" like that?? 

Second, (and this is what got me thinking when I took the photo) is Dave being welcomed above the grass or below it???? 

If below, nice perk!








2011 august - Finally, some colour

As you may know, I've been ranting for years over black horses.  They simply should either not be allowed or, if we have to have them, be given a light-coloured rinse (Miss Clairol, are you listening?  Think of the market!!!).  Why?  For a photographer they're simply a black hole.  There's no colour, nothing!  Then, adding insult to injury, riders typically wear black boots, black helmets and black or dark breeches and tops - "cuz they look good; make me look sexy!".  Meanwhile the poor photographer has to push Photoshop to extremes to bring some definition to said dark horse and rider so there's at least something to see in the pic.  Argh! 

Roll over the picure on the left to see the difference that a Clairol rinse makes.  Much better!






2011 august - The face of regret

As you can see from the photo on the left, Stefi got left behind on this jump.  Mrs B did what she was supposed to do and all she got out of it was a sore mouth. Stefi knew as soon as it happened that she blew it and claims that she was trying to give B as much of the reins as she could. 

Uh huh. 

Go ahead, roll over the photo with your mouse to see a close-up of her face as she's feeling guilty. 

Case closed.  Fire up the Taser!






2011 june - Candace and Casey

Styles look familiar?  That's Candace on the left jumping June 3rd this year and Casey on the right in June 2010.  Sigh, like mother, like daughter...



2011 may - Palgrave - my favourites



2011 may - Casey on TC

Are you constantly bumping into things?  Having trouble getting to your destination?   Call me; I've got a tip that will help!!










2011 may - Kyle on Nibs

Here's another way to get off a horse.  Kyle, already committed to the jump, demonstrates some quick thinking by reaching for the rail.  Notice how being tall has its advantages and as you can imagine, if Kyle had missed grabbing the rail things would have gotten a whole lot more painful.



2011 may - Muffy on Lucy

As you can see, at this fence Muffy had an intimate encounter with Newton's First Law of Motion when Lucy applied the brakes and refused the jump. 

Yikes, no seatbelt and no airbag! 



2011 may - mounting a horse without a mounting block: by TweedleDee and TweedleDumb

So,  Sandy's going to get on Winnie without a mounting block.  No big deal, Stefi's going to help.  Between them they have over 40 years of experience with horses.        Right!!!! 

First picture: Stefi counts to 3 but lifts at 3.5.  Oops! 

Second picture: Stefi counts to 3 but Sandy starts to jump up at 2.5.   Result, Sandy's sort of on Winnie's back. Well, not really on, more like sprawled; hanging on as the saddle shifts left.   

Third picture: Winnie, knowing that he's dealing with two Losers, decides to bail.   Smart horse!  Now Sandy and Stefi are trying to get Sandy on the horse as he's walking through the gate.  

Fourth picture: Sandy finally gets into the saddle.  She and Stefi are laughing their heads off.   Good thing these two don't change light bulbs!



2011 may - Fay on Gandalf

It's rare that Fay has an awkward moment but here's one.  As you can see in the second picture, she gets a bit discombobbled over the jump and has to apply some right body English to counteract her leaning too far to the left.



2011 may - Casey on TC

Here is an impressive sequence. On the top left photo, Casey commits to the jump before TC is ready, shifting her weight just as he slows down.

 TC commits to the jump and Casey becomes a passenger BUT, she keeps her balance. Even better, in the top right photo, she loses a stirrup but is still balanced enough to stay on.

In the final picture on the left, TC finishes the jump and Casey's position is even more exaggerated. Throughout, she stayed on. Yea!







2010 september  -  Jacqui on Nibs

This is one of my favourite pictures.  Jacqui Wignall's on Nibs at Blue Star in September 2010. 

In the first picture, top left, she loses her right rein. 

She gets it back in the middle picture but not where it needs to be. 

In the top right she's trying to re-apply pressure on the reins by widening her grip. 

This continues in the big picture on the left, providing us with one of the best equestrian pictures I've taken. 

Clearly, if there were points for style and originality, she'd have won, hands down - or in this case, up.